Towsontowne Recreational Rec Boys Lacrosse is a premier youth sports athletic lacrosse program operating under governance of the Towsontowne Recreational Council, which through its history of technically fundamental lacrosse coaching skills-based techniqu

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Towsontowne Boys 7/8 B Teams Wins 2015 Lax Splash Championship!
by posted 09/18/2015

Congratulations to the Towsonetowne Boys Lacrosse Tyker B team and its impressive win over the Sidewinders Club Lacrosse team in the 2015 Aloha Lax Splash Tournament held in Timonium, MD.  After an impressive combined 22-2-1 season record against its MYLA and HarCo opponents, the Head Coach Dominic Zingo-lead Tyker B team capped off its local Baltimore-Metro season with a sensational run and eventual championship victory against an aggressive and well-coached Sidewinders Club team. Congratulations to the boys for a spring season hewn through the team's relentless motivation to improve their skills, well-rounded team play and focus on a settled, yet aggressive offense and stalwart defensive efforts.  A special thanks to all of the parents' dedication to the team's goals and to its Assistant Coaches and Team Parents: Greg Anselmi, Janelle Anselmi, Kenny Brown, Brian Resnick & Libby Zingo!

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Local Boys Gather for Snow-Eating Contest, Lax Game Breaks Out..
by posted 03/31/2015

In anticipation of an extremely rare, yet predicted, early spring 2015 weather anomaly, caused by a regional atmospheric static depression, widely referred to as, "El Leneto Gordo," a group of local Towsontowne boys gathered (in Fallston of all places) for what one Contest Judge, Kenny Brown, referred to as, "a bizarre, last-chance, opportunity to settle a snow-eating, 'rubber match,' between two rival groups of young boys full of fervor for filling their mouths with flurries."  It seems that both groups of boys were seeking vindication.

Following a coldly-contested January 2015 snow-eating smorgasbord that ended in a tie after one team had points deducted from its score and was forced to do 15 military push-ups or face expulsion, after evidence surfaced showing members of Team Cream Pop video-taping the opposing team's warm-ups in December and deflating opposing team captain's parents' car tires to make them late for competitions.

The ensuing wintry waste of water, saw three chilly children taken to the ER for, "early-onset brain freeze," and multiple Team Cream Pop buddies revived after their flurry-fetching follies lead to head butts, falling to the ground, contusions and asserting that the last thing they remembered before regaining consciousness was running from, "a sort of frosty the snowman-looking character dressed like Doc McStuffins and talking like Beavis."

After a delay in the contest due to additional injuries, many of the boys realized the inherent danger associated with eating snow, especially when it, "has the hue of a lemon," as one contestant phrased it before the boys broke out the lacrosse sticks not wanting to risk more peril.  The cast of characters tallied on the turf, lead by Judges Zingo, Anselmi, Brown & Resnick, and with balls whizzing by disavowed their snow-eating snarkiness.  Pouncing on the opportunity to proffer a parley the Judges totaled Team Flurry together and tackled a tourney.  The boys in the Braveheart were never once beatin'.  Though sideways it blew no more snow they'd be eatin'.

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